After years behind the camera, I’m suddenly on the other side – not literally, no one’s try to photography me but I am chasing down leads and craving attention like a media pro. I guess you gotta do what you gotta do, besides I really believe in this project so talking about it is easy. Yesterday was a good day with three different articles, thanks to DNAinfo, Brokelyn and Patch for the exposure. Check them out.

Camillie Bautista’s story for DNAinfo had a nice sub-heading, paraphrasing Biggie Lyrics from Juicy she wrote. “He’s taking these negatives to positive.”

And I have to mention the Patch Story written by Simone-Wilson, she gave me some street-cred that I can’t imagine for a minute I deserve when she wrote. “It’s all a little over-the-top — but you’ve got to give a man credit for trying to put some drama back into the drop, old-school hip-hop style.”

Drama back into the drop! Dude…